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Star Attorneys has a department dedicated to tax matters. We have staff members who worked for many years in Government Departments responsible for the administration of Customs & Excise, Income Tax and Value Added Tax. We assist our clients with all issues related to:

  • Tax planning.
  • Auditing of and follow up on tax refund claims.
  • Duty drawback and refunds.
  • Tax exemptions, rebates and remissions of duty.
  • Licences issued under the various tax laws.
  • Claims for seized goods.
  • Income tax and VAT returns.
  • Appeals against tax assessments.
  • Contesting unwarranted tax enforcement measures e.g. warrants of distress, seizures and forfeitures.
  • Special audits and investigations.
  • Handling and conclusion of statutory audits; special and investigations audits.
  • Certification of VAT refunds claims.